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Arsenal legend set to takeover English club very soon

Arsenal legend has joined forces with football greats from Celtic, Liverpool, and Barcelona in a bid to acquire an English club

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Image credit: Getty Images

Arsenal icon Dennis Bergkamp has joined forces with football greats from Celtic, Liverpool, and Barcelona in a bid to acquire an English club. 

The star-studded consortium comprises former Liverpool player Dirk Kuyt, ex-Celtic and Manchester United striker Henrik Larsson, Netherlands manager and Barcelona legend Ronald Koeman, and Dutch agent Rob Jansen.

The group’s interest in purchasing an unnamed English club was disclosed by Jansen during a podcast discussion. While the specific club remains confidential, Jansen unveiled the prominent figures involved in the consortium’s venture, hinting at their collective ambition.

We are in the process of buying a club in England. I’m not allowed to say which club yet. I can say which group we will do it with. Ronald Koeman, Dennis Bergkamp, Henrik Larsson and Dirk Kuyt.”

Their focus lies primarily on clubs within the lower tiers, specifically targeting League Two or League One teams. This initiative marks a resurgence of their previous attempt to acquire Wycombe Wanderers in 2019, which unfortunately fell through.

This time around, the consortium has set its sights on a northern-based club, potentially signaling a new chapter for Bergkamp, who previously served as a coach at Ajax until 2017.

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Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp

Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp (Image credit: Getty Images)

Jansen emphasised their comprehensive approach to club management, encompassing aspects such as training, hospitality, merchandising, and marketing. Each member of the consortium is poised to undertake specific roles within the club, with Larsson aspiring to assume a coaching position, Bergkamp overseeing the academy, and Koeman contributing his expertise.

We do this with some people around us and we also have the financiers. It doesn’t have to be in London.

“The plan is to manage the football club in the broadest sense of the word. So the way we think it should be. Training, hospitality, merchandising, marketing, everything.

“We have a group, and maybe one or two more will join. The names I mention will also do a certain job within the club. Henrik Larsson would like to become a head coach. Bergkamp will set up the academy. And Koeman also comes over to do his things.

“The experience is enormous there. When you visit those clubs there, the experience cannot be compared to other clubs in Europe.

“It is not yet entirely clear when it will all finally happen. We do take the time to select the club. We are now looking in the Manchester and Birmingham area. It is being taken very seriously now.”

The consortium’s meticulous selection process is underway, with a focus on clubs in the Manchester and Birmingham regions. Despite the project’s gravity, Jansen reiterated their commitment to thorough deliberation before finalising their acquisition.

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