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Arsenal generated over €425m in 2022

Deloitte have released its annual money report for 2022.

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Image Credit: Deloitte

Deloitte have released its annual report which shows Arsenal’s finances are up an incredible 18% since the previous year & taking into account Arsenal have had no European football, that’s really positive.

The 2022 Deloitte money league report shows that Arsenal’s revenue has increased by €67m compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2018/2019.

Arsenal are the lowest of the traditional big six in England due to having no European last season & only Europa League football this season. The club generated a €433.5M in 2022.

“For the first time since 2018/19 a new club entered the Money League top 10, with Arsenal replacing Juventus (who fell from 9th to 11th), primarily by virtue of the significant matchday revenue generated, which was almost three times that of the Serie A club in 2021/22. Whilst Juventus and other Italian clubs played a significant portion of their season under the crowd restrictions noted previously, it also reflects a significant return on the investment into the Emirates stadium and goes some way to justifying the infrastructure investment being explored by clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, the Milan clubs and Everton, who are looking to future-proof their businesses.”

Arsenal’s 2022 financial report, as per Deloitte.

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