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Arsenal fans let off fireworks outside Manchester City’s hotel ahead of the huge fixture against Tottenham

Fans are doing their utmost to help Arsenal win the Premier League title by attempting to unsettle Manchester City players ahead of the Tottenham clash

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Arsenal fans fireworks
Image credit: Getty Images

In a peculiar prelude to the high-stakes clash between Tottenham and Manchester City, Arsenal fans attempted to disrupt City’s preparations by setting off fireworks outside what they believed to be the team’s hotel on Monday night. 

However, the fireworks display turned out to be an exercise in futility as City’s players were not lodged at the location targeted by the Arsenal faithful.

As anticipation mounted ahead of the pivotal fixture, which could have significant implications for the Premier League title race, a small group of Arsenal supporters took matters into their own hands in an attempt to unsettle City’s squad before their encounter with Spurs.

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The event unfolded early on Monday after it was revealed on social media that City’s players were expected to stay at Delta Hotels Waltham Abbey, prompting some of Arsenal’s ‘ultras’ to spring into action. Clad in ‘Ashburton Army’ hoodies and balaclavas, the fans recorded themselves setting off fireworks near the hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning, followed by reports of the hotel’s fire alarm being activated shortly thereafter.


Despite the disruptive antics, it soon emerged that City players had not been affected, as they remained in Manchester on Monday night. While some support staff and equipment were dispatched to the hotel, the squad did not make the journey to London until later on Tuesday morning.

The incident showed the fervent atmosphere surrounding the title race, with Arsenal fans leaving no stone unturned in their bid to disrupt their rivals’ preparations. However, the outcome served as a reminder that on-field performance ultimately trumps off-field distractions.

Meanwhile, Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou reaffirmed his team’s commitment to approaching the match with seriousness and determination. Dismissing any suggestion that Spurs would roll out the red carpet for City, Postecoglou emphasised his team’s intent to compete fiercely and deny City an easy victory.

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