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Arsenal and Manchester City set a new record

Manchester City and Arsenal game becomes the most viewed Premier League game in France.

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Wednesday’s game at the Etihad between Manchester City and Arsenal becomes the most viewed Premier League game in France in over 12 years, according to L’Equipe.

The potential title decider drew attention of the whole world which lead to the match breaking viewership records worldwide. Unfortunately for Arsenal, they lost the game 4-1, which put Manchester City in the driving seat for the Premier League title.

Manchester City showed their dominance and won the game comfortably, very likely ending Arsenal’s dream of finally wining a Premier League title for the first time since 2004.

The game broke a record in France, and it became the most-viewed Premier League game in France in over 12 years. An average of 804,000 viewers (42% of the audience share) joined at some point in the game, while the peak was 1.1m viewers.

The last game that got any close to these numbers, was Arsenal-Chelsea game in 2010, where Arsenal won 3-1. The game reached an average of 911,000 viewers, which is to this day most watched Premier League game in France.

There is no doubt that Arsenal attracted many people with the way they are playing and performing this season, so it is not that big of a surprise that the massive clash against Manchester City was watched by a big number of people, and The Gunners are just getting started.

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