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Arsenal and Adidas team up once again in No More Red campaign

The campaign is designed to address the high knife crime rate leading to deadly attacks.

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Image Credit: Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club and global sportswear manufacturer Adidas have once again reached an agreement to launch their ‘No More Red’ campaign to fight violent crime and to give young people more opportunities.

This campaign first started in January 2022, with the idea of tackling the high knife crime rate leading to deadly attacks; hence the reasoning behind the campaign of ‘No More Red’.

Teenage deaths dropped massively in 2022 from 2021, but knife offences from January to November 2022 have increased in comparison to the same period in 2021.

This year the campaign is expanded by a number of voluntary activities with Arsenal Football Club partnering with the likes of Steel Warriors, Don’t stab your future, The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation and more. By attending and participating in these activities, you are able to get your No More Red shirts and an invitation to Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal and Adidas are enjoying a great relationship since 2019, when the deal was first announced, and this will last up until at least 2030.

Both organisations have made a commitment to continue focusing on investing in safe football spaces, awarding and recognising people regarded as positive influences and developing volunteering and social activities.

Arsenal and Adidas have both announced that they’re looking forward to this campaign and hope it will achieve the goals they’ve set out.

The shirt in the image above is the one that will be worn by the Arsenal team in their FA Cup third round game against Oxford United on Monday 9th January in hopes of raising awareness of the campaign.

To find out more about the ‘No More Red’ campaign, visit the official Arsenal website here.

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