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Adidas stop selling the Arsenal home shirt after embarrassing mistake

Adidas have postponed selling the authentic version of the Arsenal 2023/24 home shirt.

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Adidas have postponed selling the authentic version of the Arsenal 2023/24 home shirt which was released recently.

Adidas have postponed the release of the authentic version after fans discovered an error in the design. The kit manufacturer has made a mistake on the authentic version of the home shirt which fans had to notice after buying the shirt.

Back in May Arsenal unveiled their new home shirt for the 2023/24 campaign, which was meant to pay tribute to the Invincibles of the 2003/04 Premier League campaign. 20 years ago this year. This was the remarkable season where Arsene Wenger’s team won the league title without losing a single game.

The new shirt was designed to include stitching on the white trim, representing the team’s record of 26 wins and 12 draws in chronological order.

However, sharp-eyed fans noticed an issue with the design. They observed that only 32 out of the 38 league results were featured on the shirt. The last four matches, including draws against Portsmouth and Birmingham, as well as two wins from the winning streak, were inexplicably missing.

Fans expressed their disappointment, questioning the kit’s £110 price and suggesting that the “32 fixture” shirts might become rare and collectible if the missing results were ever reproduced.

Consequently, the shirt is no longer available for purchase on the Adidas and Arsenal websites. On the Arsenal site, the shirt’s status is listed as “coming soon,” while the Adidas site only offers the standard version for purchase, excluding the authentic one.

Arsenal acknowledged the design error and sent an email to affected fans, apologizing for the inconvenience and informing them that their orders would be canceled and refunded. The club is currently reviewing when the new authentic home shirts will be released.

In the meantime, fans can purchase the replica home shirts, which are currently in stock and ready to ship.

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