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Aaron Ramsdale’s comments on fan abuse resurface after NLD

Here’s what Aaron Ramsdale had to say previously on goalkeepers getting abuse…

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Image Credit: Peter Crouch Podcast

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Aaron Ramsdale was on the receiving end of some disgraceful behaviour by a Tottenham fan at full-time in the North London Derby on Sunday.

As reported earlier, Joseph Watts, 35, has been charged with assaulting the Arsenal goalkeeper and will face a court case later this month, after jumping down from the stands and kicking the Arsenal number one.

The Metropolitan Police explained that the individual from Hackney faces charges of ‘assault by beating, going onto an area adjacent to a playing area and throwing a missile onto a football playing area.’

Ramsdale played an integral part in Arsenal’s victory against their North London rivals, making some key saves to protect the 2-0 lead. Particularly saving Kane’s header just before half-time & the save to Sessegnon’s low shot in the second-half.

Once the win was secured, that’s when the drama occurred.

Aaron Ramsdale celebrated in front of the Spurs fans who had been giving him all sorts of abuse all game. The 24-year-old kissed the Arsenal badge which brought an angry reaction from Richarlison & it doesn’t take a lot to wind him up.

The Arsenal keeper isn’t a stranger to winding up opposition fans. He’s played in league two & league one where you might as well be standing in the away end as a keeper, that’s how close proximity you can be in the lower leagues.

Ramsdale is used to it. He thrives off it & he’s even said in the past that it helps him stay focused. He can’t wind the opposition fans up and then make a mistake because he knows he’ll get all sorts of stick.

VIDEO: Here’s what Aaron Ramsdale had to say previously on goalkeepers getting abuse…

“I find it quite funny that other players or other fans can do what they want to goalkeepers who stand there on their own for 90 minutes and get abused,” Ramsdale explained.

“I waved at a Chelsea fan the other week who was giving me all sorts. In the second half when we scored the penalty, I waved at him and the security guard said ‘why did you do that? That wasn’t necessary!’

“So I said ‘you have listened to everything he said, every name under the sun, but I cannot simply wave?’ It’s enjoyment for me.”

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