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The Gunners can’t buzz past the Bees

Arsenal drop points at home to Brentford, with Manchester City up next.

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It has been tough for Arsenal fans and players alike, these last three match days. A cup exit, an away loss and a draw against a formidable Viking Army in the form of Brentford. I’m sure a lot of fans have question marks flowing across their minds right now just like a confused Nick Young but it is hard not to say The Great Dane Thomas Frank isn’t cooking something special at Brentford and they showed it today, you have to give them their flowers.

That being said, Arsenal’s very own Red Devil got to prove his worth today when he made a super-sub impact and helped Arsenal take the lead they were so desperately craving for. Starboy Saka paved the way for Trossard to firmly place it in the Brentford end. Devilish Behaviour. They were so NSYNC, it was like Saka said Marco and Trossard firmly answered Polo. The Gunners will be back, This I Promise You.

With City on Wednesday soon approaching, The Gunners must devise a clear plan to keep their buzz at the top. No 3 points today, but the real prized Honey is still clear to secure Wednesday night.

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