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The Cherry on Top: Arsenal 3-2 Bournemouth

A review with a twist as Arsenal pull off an incredible comeback to beat Bournemouth this afternoon.

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If it wasn’t clear already, there is never a normal day in this league. The Barclays is special and you can Bank on that. 15 seconds in and the Danish Delight opened the game up for The Cherries. This was a Billing, Arsenal could not afford.

With City beating Newcastle earlier in the day this was not a game Arsenal could afford to lose. Marcos Senesi doubled the lead and it looked to be all over for The Gunners.

Outta Nowhere like Randall Keith Orton, the Ghanaian Viper Thomas Partey slithered in to crucially get one back. The Black Stars will be proud to see him step up his game week in, week out.

Arsenal were looking to increase their violation and bring Total Nonstop Action to the game and that is exactly where Reiss Nelson enters the game. Arsenal needed someone to change the game and it was Nelson who brought immediate Impact and beautifully assisted Ben White to volley it over the line despite Norberto Neto’s best attempt to keep it out.

Nobody knows grit, determination and resilience more than Reiss Nelson. 97th minute to steal the show and secure the victory for The Gunners. Confidence is key and like Nispey Hussle, he’s been Grinding All His Life. A24 storytelling with a Red Dead Redemption arc of his own. This boy is going right to the top, right to the very top.

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