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Seagulls Flying High: Arsenal 0-3 Brighton

A match review with a twist as Arsenal’s title dream is all but over after defeat to Brighton…

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Seagulls often leave their homeland in search of food and Brighton are hungry for Europe. This was Arsenal’s Final Countdown to their dream of winning The Premier League for the first time in 20 years. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. For most of the season, Arsenal have Floated like a Butterfly, but this defeat certainly Stung like a Bee.

Julio Enciso, the Paraguayan youngster had his part to play as he went Coast to Coast like he was Shane O’Mac. However, controversy surrounds his goal as Arsenal fans will contend that Evan Ferguson made contact with Kiwior prior and the goal should not stand.

Nevertheless, it was only one goal and there were hopes they could reclaim contention to win the game and the league but  with their league hopes clinging on by a thinning string and it only increased when Cesar Undav Burst Onto the Scene like he was Micah Richards as he beautifully lobbed Ramsdale as if he had the ability of Ian Wright.

Those title hopes certainly became Shattered Dreams with Brighton becoming The Authors of Pain as Arsenal effectively wrote their Last Chapter in the Rat Race for The Premier League Title when Estupinan scored in the 96th minute to finish the exhausted Arsenal team off.  While this chapter is over, the story never ends. It is clear to say Roberto De Zerbi and Brighton deserve the win.

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