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One nil to the Arsenal: Leicester 0-1 Arsenal

A match review with a twist as Arsenal cruise to a 1-0 victory at the King Power Stadium this afternoon.

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After Arsenal came back not once but twice to win against The Villains; Arsenal were back in the Midlands with high flying spirits determined to take advantage of their situation once more. It was an interesting game to say the least, Arsenal had many chances to firmly place in the back of the net but nothing was working and they could finish them off in the final third. It looks like the squad needs a rejuvenation of Samba to bring life back up front and with March drawing closer and closer it looks like Jesus will be ready to return and gift The Arsenal the Miracles they are so desperately craving for.

Just before half time it looked like Trossard had finally broke through for The Gunners but after VAR checked the replay, it was determined that Ben White had fouled Danny Ward in the process and the goal was disallowed. It was gut wrenching for the squad to go into the second half all level and equal but if Arsenal have proved anything this season, just like The First Avenger, they Can Do This All Day.

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That is exactly the spirit Arsenal came back out the tunnel with for the second half as immediately they managed to ease past Leicester’s tight defence as Gabi Martinelli picks up his 9th goal in the league this season. It was a Sweet strike and a Blockbuster that puts The Foxes On The Run. It appears that throughout Arsenal’s fanbase there has been a Civil War on whether Martinelli needs to be dropped but what all Arsenal fans can agree on is that the kid has heart and sometimes that is all you need to go and win the game.

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As the game dragged on Arsenal were intent on keeping their 1-0 advantage but Leicester were making it increasingly difficult for them. Souttar, Ndidi, Dewsbury-Hall and Kristensen all bringing levels of physicality, it was almost as if they said Here Comes The Pain. Jorginho down twice it was evident Leicester had hit Rock Bottom in the final minutes as they were urged to Layeth The Smackdown on The Gunners.

Unfortunately for The Foxes, it was all over. 1-0 To The Arsenal is music to every Arsenal fan’s ears. For now, Alexa play Spirit In The Sky. Up next is a Sticky game against The Toffees on Wednesday & it’s time for revenge.

Let us know your thoughts on the game down below!

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