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Mikel Arteta sends intimidating message to Arsenal players ahead of Liverpool FA Cup clash

Mikel Arteta is challenging his players to be aggressive and dominant when they face Liverpool in the FA Cup

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Mikel Arteta

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is challenging his players to adopt a more aggressive and dominant stance as they prepare to face Premier League leaders Liverpool in the upcoming FA Cup third-round clash. 

The much-anticipated match is set to take place at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, and Arteta is keen on his team delivering a compelling performance.

Reflecting on Arsenal’s recent dip in form, Arteta emphasised the need for perspective despite setbacks in the Premier League. The team, which was at the top of the table on Christmas Day, slipped to fourth place after consecutive defeats to West Ham United and Fulham over the festive period.

In his pre-match press conference ahead of the fixture, Arteta acknowledged the impact of those losses on the team’s momentum but stressed the importance of taking a broader view. 

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“My job, big time, is to look through the telescope and have perspective and analyze things in the broader way and not get affected by one performance,” he stated.

Looking ahead to the FA Cup clash against Liverpool, Arteta called upon the Emirates Stadium crowd to create a formidable atmosphere. Expressing satisfaction with the supportive environment, he encouraged fans to elevate the intensity. “Can we tweak it and sometimes make it even more hostile? I think we can, and that’s the next step in my opinion,” Arteta remarked.

He emphasised that the responsibility also lies with the players to enhance the home atmosphere. 

“The team has to give more. The team has to transmit that fight, aggression, intimidation, and dominance to the opponent,” Arteta asserted. 

He sees certain upcoming games, especially in the Champions League, as opportunities to take their performance to the next level.

As Arsenal gears up for their third-round encounter with Liverpool, Arteta remains optimistic about the team’s potential. “Not even the result, one performance,” he concluded, underscoring the importance of a commanding and intimidating display against their formidable opponents.

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