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MATCH REVIEW: Fulham 0-3 Arsenal

A match review with a twist as Arsenal produced some outstanding football at Craven Cottage this afternoon.

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With the end of the season near, it was time to travel south of the river, Craven Cottage. City narrowly escaped Selhurst Park with 3 points and the pressure was back on immediately for The Gunners. Easter Sunday is not till April 9th but Miracles were bound to happen when the Arsenal Number Nine returned to the squad.

Good Omens come to those who are patient and Archangel Big Gab decided to show his classiness by giving Fulham a repeat of Groundhog Day. He has shown tremendous consistency all season and it is only right he got to Spread His Wings today but never forget he possesses The Gift of The Gab. From one Gab to another, Martinelli continues his goal on maintaining his time as Arsenal’s top scorer, with a diligent header past former Arsenal number one Bernd Leno to make it his Twelfth of the season.

The true King of The North and leader of the orchestra Martin Ødegaard recorded his Tenth Symphony to seal the deal for The Gunners but it was Leo Trossard, the Red Devil himself who deserves the spotlight today.

Trossard caused havoc and is the first player in Premier League history to make a hat-trick of assists in the first half of an away game. Leo went Double or Nothing and came out with the better odds of a trifecta. What is clear is that Arsenal play All Elite Football and these Young Bucks will continue to Super Kick their way to the Premier League title.

5 points clear and 11 games to go.


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