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Martin Odegaard singles out two Arsenal stars for praise after Newcastle win

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has singled out two teammates to praise for their roles in the emphatic win over Newcastle on Saturday

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Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard
Image credit: Getty Images

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has expressed his happiness as the team continued their charge for the Premier League title with a commanding 4-1 victory over Newcastle United. 

The win, which showcased Arsenal’s dominance on the field, brings them within striking distance of league leaders Liverpool, trailing by just two points, while Manchester City holds a slender one-point advantage over them in second place.

Odegaard, reflecting on Arsenal’s impressive form, highlighted the squad’s enthusiasm for the title race, stating that the recent triumph over Newcastle marks their fifth consecutive league victory. 

“We are living the dream, we have all dreamed of being here,” Odegaard remarked, underlining the team’s ambition to compete for trophies in the fiercely competitive league.

Speaking about his role as captain, Odegaard emphasised his commitment to leading by example and motivating his teammates to excel. 

He acknowledged the diversity of the players’ styles but stressed his efforts to extract the best from each individual, citing Arsenal’s resilience following setbacks in previous seasons as evidence of their growth and determination to succeed.

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“You see every week how competitive it is and that is where we want to be – we want to fight for trophies. I try to lead by example and do the right things I am always pushing the players around me. I understand that every player is different, but I still try to get the best out of everyone.

Arsenal midfielders

Arsenal midfielder partnership of Declan Rice and Jorginho were impressive against Newcastle (Image credit: Getty Images)

“The year before we missed Champions League and came back stronger. Last season we missed a title and now is the time to show we have learned – every time we play we are so excited.”

Arsenal recent resurgence in front of goal has been remarkable, with the team scoring a staggering 18 goals in just four league games throughout February, signaling a stark improvement from their previous struggles to find the net. 

Odegaard attributed the team’s attacking prowess to their aggressive approach and praised the midfield duo of Jorginho and Declan Rice for their ability to penetrate Newcastle’s defensive lines effectively.

“Today we were so aggressive, Jorginho and Declan Rice were good at threading between the lines – that was the difference,” said Odegaard.

“We want to play in the final third and create things all the time. We have been playing a few different ways and I have been dropping a bit more and Jorgino and Declan have done that today – I played a little higher up.

“We just wanted to come here and make a good game and give the fans a good game.”

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