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All Gas, No Brakes: Oxford United 0-3 Arsenal

Arsenal returned to FA Cup duty last night t as they took on Oxford United.

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Arsenal returned to FA Cup duty last night t as they took on Oxford United. The U’s looked to turn this match into a W and with Arsenal’s second team out ahead of the NLD there looked to be a real possibility. Though it was Prophesied for Mohamed Elneny to provide his fellow brothers the lead. A true servant of the club and a Prophet of good vibes only.

Fabio Vieira with the sheer silkiness and elegance of a royal, proving to his doubters that while he may share his name with Arsenal Royalty, he is a complete different baller. Two assists from Fabio felt like he was playing a rather large game of Battleships the way he moved like M10 making The Gunners Ya like that. Waving his Magic Wand like a true Dynamo.

Nketiah stepped up to the plate once more, dishing out servings for two like he’s on Hells Kitchen. Insanely Raw talent. Running laps around the keeper just for fun, All Gas, No Brakes like its Scalextric. The Cost of Living Crisis has affected the U.K as of late but Oxford United keeper Edward McGinty felt it the most last night with the way Eddie dinked it over him. Central Heating has to be turned to the max because that was Unbelievably Cold on a Winter’s Night. No need to Phone For a Friend when you’re on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Phone for Eddie, he always answers. Arsenal progress to the next round to face Manchester City.

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