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The Electrifying Emirates has become a fortress

The Emirates Stadium has become the fortress Mikel Arteta always wanted.

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In the past, the Emirates received heavy criticism for its lack of atmosphere and bellowing noise. This meant that opposition teams would not be made to feel out of their depth playing there. Rival teams rarely ever spoke of the Emirates as an Anfield or Old Trafford like buzz, where teams genuinely feared going there, as it was so hard to pick up points.

In recent years, we have seen the lesser opposition come to the Emirates and dismantle the Arsenal side with ease. Aston Villa arrived at the Emirates in the 20/21 season, they left with a 3-0 win. In the same year, Wolves came away with a 2-1 victory along with Burnley who, two games later, walked over us for an easy 1-0 win. In these games, the home crowd had little to cheer or get behind. This resulted in a flat un-energetic atmosphere which teams didn’t fear and saw an away fixture at the Emirates as a very possible 3 points.

However this season, the Emirates tells a different story, it has become a fortress.

Arsenal’s management and squad has received copious amounts of praise for their achievements thus far, they have reached to heights very few could have predicted. This current Gunners squad has given life to a new electrifying atmosphere at the Emirates. From the raw passion and love being displayed from Mikel Arteta on the touchline to the 11 players playing every minute like it’s their last, it’s impossible for the fans to not get excited. They have brought the Emirates alive.

The crowd are behind every moment displayed in those 90 minutes. The joys and the goal scoring sprees but also the mistakes and doubtful periods in games. The Gunners faithful have been rallying behind their beloved arsenal either way. 

When Arsenal faced age old foes, Manchester United at the Emirates the 22nd of January in a season defining matchup, the Gunners went 1-0 down to a fabulous strike from Marcus Rashford. In the past, the atmosphere at the Emirates would have died with that goal and frustration would have grown as we seemed to face down the barrel at another big side coming to our home turf and brushing us aside. This year is different, the belief and faith that the Emirates has in this team came beckoning back from chants and screaming voices that arose immediately after the Rashford goal. Cancelling out the away fans shouts of joy. Chants of ‘Arsenal, Arsenal’ rang out from the clock end and around the stadium. Something rarely seen in football grounds, not only in England but around the globe. Arsenal, in turn, banged an equaliser a couple of minutes later with the spurring chants driving their cause forward.

Eddie Nketiah celebrating after his last minute winner against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal have not lost a single game this season at the Emirates, having only dropped points drawing to Newcastle, which many believe the Gunners were unlucky not to win.

The Emirates has become a blockhouse, a place all teams fear to go and very few can come away with points. The big clubs of the past enjoyed many days at the Emirates winning by big margins. These days appear to be over.

The Arsenal faithful deserve a lot of praise for their sides unbelievable performance in the Premier League this season. They have been an anchor for their team, providing them with the enthusiasm and fierce energy allowing them to beat anyone in their way. With this kind off atmosphere being generated at the Emirates for the rest of the season, each and every team will fear stepping foot inside the Emirates Stadium.

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