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now.arsenal writers half-way predictions… Arsenal Title Winners? Who will be our POTS?

The Arsenal writers have come up with the answers to the concerning questions for the fans.

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Arsenal’s campaign this season has been a dreamful start for the Gunners. After 20 games, Arsenal is 16-2-2 with 50 points.

The Arsenal writers have come up with the answers to the concerning questions for the fans. Will the title come home? How will our winter signings play? The writers were given five questions, and the answers are here for you!

Question 1: What is Arsenal’s biggest fixture after the midway point of the season?

Kelvin Kipyegon: Both games with Manchester City.

Erik Riemersma: Man City away.

Harvey Cole: Newcastle (A). I know everyone will say City, but I’m also very interested in how our rivals do in their major away fixtures. St James Park, Eithad and Anfield are all super difficult games for Arsenal. City drew 3-3 when the went to Newcastle earlier this season. If Arsenal match this result (a draw) or better, they will put themselves in a really strong position. 

Rion Pereira: Manchester City away on 27th April. Facing City at Etihad will surely be a huge task on the boy’s hands. The quality in Manchester City is unreal and to be able to out do them at their own ground would be a big achievement and I think a possible title decider.

Faris Ibrahimpasic: Both games against Manchester City. 

Joseph Bond: Already playing away at Manchester City already and losing 1-0 to a Nathan Ake goal. Despite the current issues Manchester City are facing, this game could easily be a title decider and hopefully Arsenal get the right end of the stick.

Dragan Grgić: I would say Newcastle away on the 6th of May. Manchester City fixtures could be a case of home team wins, and that keeps the gap intact. Newcastle on the other hand are on the way to Champions League football, and with just three games to go after that game, their whole season could depend on it. 

Brooks ThomasonManchester City, Away, April 26th. We play Chelsea and Newcastle at home after that match. If we can get the momentum, that would be huge for our chances!

now.arsenal: Manchester City (h).

It seems the biggest matchups are the two teams in second and third. Arsenal lost to Man City 1-0 at the Etihad in the FA Cup, and drew to Newcastle 0-0 in a tough match at the Emirates earlier this season. These matchups seem to have the biggest weight to them, and both are 6-point type games!

Question 2: How will Trossard, Kiwior, Jorginho impact the rest of the season?

Kelvin Kipyegon: All these Signings will be very instrumental in the title race when injuries or fatigue comes in , Trossard is phenomenal and my even replace Martinelli, Jorgino will bring in his immense experience.

Erik Riemersma: I think Jorginho brings in the needed experience to the squad. trossard/Kiwior can work out really good too if they settle quick this season.

Harvey Cole: Trossard is going to be a real surprise signing. I think we will see him maintain his early season form under Arteta, and will perhaps offer us something different in attack. I actually see this as further confirmation Mikel sees Smith-Rowe as a No.8 rather than wide forward. I expect him to operate on the left and right when needed.

Kiwior is a player I’m really happy we’ve recruited, and acted swiftly. I don’t expect him to get many minutes this season, with us only in two competitions now. If we are to get deeper into Europe I expect he will take Gabriel’s place in order to let him rest as the run-in begins.

Jorginho as a signing makes sense in a lot of ways. I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled to see us connected with him after having chased Brighton for Caicedo, but having seen the old interviews and praise Arteta gave him when he was at Manchester City, as well as remembering the 2020 bid for him (before we secured Thomas Partey) fills me with optimism. This is a player Arteta wants, and believes in. He wouldn’t take that risk at this stage of the season with the position we’re in if he didn’t fully believe in the signing.

Rion Pereira: With all three of the players have added great quality and depth to our squad, Jorginho and Trossard are both proven players but thats not to say Kiwior won’t do well, he is a very similar profile to Magalhaes and will have a similar impact. To conclude, their impact will be very significant in our title charge as they add the much needed depth our squad needed.

Faris Ibrahimpasic: Very great backups, potential involvement in the first XI

Joseph Bond:

Trossard, who’s a tricky little player will a great back up for Gabriel Martinelli, due to their similar dribbling techniques, the Belgian isn’t as quick as Martinelli, but his tricky play can evade defenders, allowing a cross into the box.
Jorginho created a lot of controversy after being linked to Moises Caicedo, but you have to remember he was a Balon D’or nominee and is a great midfielder despite being 31 years old. I feel Jorginho is a clever signing and will do a job for Arsenal.
Kiwior will be a good play for Arsenal, playing most games for Poland in the World Cup and being solid on multiple occasions, his versatility is also key and will be great for squad depth.

Dragan Grgić: I think that Trossard can make a lot of difference when facing a team who defends in a low block, or is very compact like Newcastle at the Emirates. He plays well in the half-space and can be a game-changer off the bench. Jorginho can be crucial in some of the games against the big 6 which we have yet to play. He is great at controlling the game and slowing things down when needed. That is a great attribute to have in the youngest team in the league. Kiwior could help us by providing Gabriel some much needed rest in the Europa League, even though I think Arteta might not include him right away in the knock-out rounds.

Brooks Thomason: I think all three signings are amazing for squad depth. Injuries always play a part in the season. The depth has been a question and this is helpful for depth. 

now.arsenal: The depth they provide will be key to Arsenal’s success this season, however I feel Trossard will have the biggest impact.

These signings seem to bring the writers to a couple of conclusions. The experience Jorginho has added to a young squad may help the title race for the squad. The 31 year-old may bring the depth in case of an injury as well. Everyone the Gunners have signed seemed to be great for squad depth.

Question 3: Biggest concern for the Gunners?

Kelvin Kipyegon: Saka /Partey/Gabriel injury

Erik Riemersma: That man city will find their form + arsenal lose some key players due to injuries.

Harvey Cole: Injuries. I’m sure most of us will have said the same. Nketiah. Saka. Xhaka. Saliba. The list goes on.

Rion Pereira: An injury to Saka or Zinchenko, both players are crucial to our squad however Trossard and Tierney can respectively both back the players but I don’t reckon they csn necessarily replicate the levels Zini and Saka have added to our squad.

Faris Ibrahimpasic: Injuries

Joseph Bond: Injuries! Injuries has to be the biggest concert for Arsenal, that’s why we signed 3 players in January. The biggest name being Thomas Partey, who arguably is the reason why we are in this current position in the league.

Dragan Grgić: To keep focus on each game when the final run in starts, not loosing their heads and start dreaming about the title before the end. But I’m sure Arteta will help them maintain the right mentality.

Brooks Thomason: Injury concerns are the biggest to me. Someone may take a knock and we need to show our depth.

now.arsenal: An injury to Thomas Partey or Martin Ødegaard.

Almost all of the answers seemed to be injuries. The squad has taken knocks and seeing one of the star players go down may derail the title race. The boys need to stay fit and get ready for a hard stretch ahead. The schedule is more compact and the UEL competitions coming up will have the second team working as well.

Question 4: Who will be our POTS/POTY? (This means total season, not just second half of the season)?

Kelvin Kipyegon: Ødegaard 

Erik Riemersma: Martin Ødegaard

Harvey Cole: The Captain! MØ! 

Rion Pereira: Thomas Partey. Partey to me only just edges out Zinchenko, he has been very crucial to our squad and if it wasn’t for the Jorginho signing losing Partey would directly affect our title charge. The role he plays in our midfield is so tough and he does it really well, a big reason as to why we can control games.

Faris Ibrahimpasic: Martin Ødegaard

Joseph Bond: Martin Odegaard: it has to be the magical Norwegian, he has to be one of the best play makers in the league with Kevin De Bruyne, his vision is next level and his leadership qualities prevails the team forward.

Dragan Grgić: I have a funny feeling that Eddie could decide the title with some crucial goals and tip the scale in his favor and finish in front of both Ødegaard and Saka.

Brooks Thomason: Martin Ødegaard has been amazing!

now.arsenal: Martin Ødegaard

Martin Ødegaard has been truly fantastic this season, and almost all the writers agree. Nketiah is also a good shout; to come off the bench and perform at the rate has been truly a phenomenal performance.

Question 5: Where will we finish? Would it be a failure if we didn’t win the title?

Kelvin Kipyegon: First, it wouldn’t be a failure but if we lose top four it will surely be.

Erik Riemersma: We will finish first. And if we don’t, it would be a shame. But if we don’t it will probably be man city who will finish first.

Harvey Cole: 1st. As each game goes I will become more confident. It feels a far away land right now, and with huge tests ahead. But this squad can do it . Rival fans will spin it as failure if we don’t win the league. It’s that weird reverse-psychology trick they’re all doing by saying “Arsenal are clear favourites. They have to win the league”. Liverpool lost the title from this position. More teams will do so in the coming future too. The bigger issues still to be seen is the aftermath if we were to lose the title. Are this group able to pick themselves up and go again? Is this a once in a lifetime chance for us? Can we expect Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea and City to be even better next year? Liverpool managed to do that, and won the title the following season. Most Arsenal fans are riding the high of the unexpected success we are experiencing this year. A mark of true dominance and quality would be to start expecting it every year. It won’t be a failure. It will hurt the player and fans a lot, but the aim this season was always to integrate new players/system, develop performances on the pitch and qualify for the champions league.

Rion Pereira: I don’t think it would be a failure if we lost the title, I would be disappointed but I don’t think it would be a failure. Going into the season my expectations were top 4 and at the time it felt like that would be a big shout given the quality of teams in the Premier League, but Arsenal have done so well so far this season, everything about this team excites me like it never has and we have surely moved more than just one step forward.

Faris Ibrahimpasic: I hope we finish first, it won’t be a failure if we don’t win since everyone should realise by now that we are on the right trajectory

Joseph Bond: We will finish 1st, sounds bold but now the news of Man City has broken out and the inconstancy of their performances, with them losing to Spurs recently, I really do think this is Arsenals season. If we didn’t win the league, it wouldn’t be a failure… We didn’t even expect Champions League this season, we’ve excelled expectations

Dragan Grgić: Way too superstitious to predict things like that. Sorry, but I just can not do it. 

Brooks Thomason: Now the goal is to finish first. How we started our objectives the start of the season, top 4 was the goal. Now, I’m still sure we are not the favorites because of our depth. I think City is still the favorites, but I think we do it. 

now.arsenal: I still refuse to answer it & no, it wouldn’t be a failure.

As Arsenal fans, the writers know what may happen, but the optimism is high. Some don’t want to jinx it, others have the hope that the Gunners hold on. Can the lads pull it home for the first time since the Invincibles?

Those are the five most important question for the Arsenal to answer in the next 19 games. Can the boys do it?

Thank you to all the writers that contributed as well!

Kelvin Kipyegon, Erik Riemersma, Harvey Cole, Rion Pereira, Faris Ibrahimpasic, Joseph Bond, Dragan Grgić, Brooks Thomason, now.arsenal!

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