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Martin Ødegaard is quickly emerging as one of the best midfielders in England

A piece on Arsenal’s captain, Martin Odegaard and how he’s proven the critics wrong this season.

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Arsenal have had quite an astonishing season thus far to say the least with everyone within the squad having played a crucial role in the lead up to this unprecedented title race. One man who has taken centre stage however and deserves a tremendous amount of plaudits is the Norwegian Martin Ødegaard…

The Norwegian magician has simply asserted himself comfortably in the premier league since his arrival in 2021. Becoming the heartbeat of the team at the young age of 24. If last season was the pilot year then this campaign he has most definitely taken flight.

From the scorcher against North London Rivals Tottenham in January to the scintillating performance versus Brighton. 10 goals and 6 assists on the tally, however what Ødegaard brings to the carpet is far more than statistics. The ability to glide past opponents with ease, create chances upon chances and an ability like none other when retaining the ball. Quickly becoming one of the best attacking midfielders in the world if not already!

The resilience of this showboating footballer is one which resembles the current Arsenal squad. From when he burst onto the scene as a teenager and endured a magnitude of pressure when having signed for the biggest club in the world ‘Real Madrid’ in 2015, Ødeegard has had to fight against many trials and tribulations. They claimed the move was too big for him, he wasn’t fit to play at the highest level and even as far as claiming he was a flop.

If anything has been proven since his arrival in England it is that these absurd claims have been put to bed. Pressure makes diamonds and a gem has truly been birthed here!

Now as the gunners head into the final 11 games of the league campaign, Martin Ødeegard is set to continue to play a pivotal role if Arsenal were to clinch their first Premier League trophy since 2004.

This man most definitely optimizes what Arsenal have been about this season and long may it continue!

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