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Arsenal can do it, keep believing…

Arsenal can do it. Keep believing & enjoy it.

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We’re nine games unbeaten, top of the Premier League and the title very much in our own hands with seven games to go. If someone said to you Arsenal would be in this position at the start of the season, you would have never believed them.

To win the Premier League is the hardest thing to do. 38 games you have to be at your best. It’s a long season & if you thought it was going to be easy and there would be no stumbles along the way then you’re dreaming.

Every team that has won the Premier League has stumbled at some point. Even the Invincibles stumbled. Arsenal have drawn two games and from the reaction of some fans you’d think it was completely over.

Arsenal are coming up against one of the best teams to ever exist in Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and they’re going head-to-head with them. That in itself is an incredible achievement.

Even if Arsenal don’t manage to achieve it this season, they’ll 100% be back again. That’s what this whole process has been built on. A long-term sustainable future was the target for Arsenal when Mikel Arteta arrived. This isn’t no one season wonder. Arsenal are way ahead of schedule and they’re only going to get better.

Liverpool didn’t manage to beat Manchester City on the first attempt but they returned. They were 3-0 up at Selhurst Park and stumbled. It happens to every team because the pressure is so immense. Arsenal will return if they don’t do it this season.

However for what it’s worth, I still believe this team can do it.

With seven games to go, it’s in our hands. It’s a beautiful situation to be in with a great opportunity. Enjoy it. However it ends, it’s been one hell of season. I’m 23 and it’s been the most magical season I’ve ever witnessed & one I’ll remember forever.

You’re going to witness potentially one of the biggest games in Arsenal’s history next week at the Etihad. If Mikel Arteta’s side can pull off a result then it will be remembered forever alongside Michael Thomas in 89 and Wiltord in 02. So enjoy it.

Keep believing & enjoy it. We can do this.

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